Be Your Authentic Self

Athletes use a sports coach to improve their performance. Singers use a vocal coach to improve their technique. So, who exactly needs a life coach and what can they do for you?

As a Certified Professional Life Coach, I work with many different people, for many different reasons.

All sounds a bit vague, doesn’t it?

It’s not deliberate, I promise you! It’s just that I don’t work with one type of client and I don’t use one type of coaching. In any given week, I may see:

  • Women looking to live their truth, or find their truth, by discovering their authentic self.
  • Women looking to reconnect with themselves after losing their identities to children, partners, family or their job.
  • Parents looking for tools and techniques to be better parents or foster better relationships.
  • Children aged 6-18, who need strategies to cope with whatever life stage they’re at:
    • Stage 1 – 6/7/8 – School readiness: separation anxiety, independent thinking and learning, bullying, handling changes
    • Stage 2 – 9/10/11 – Pre-teens: puberty, self-confidence, managing yo-yo emotions, regulating feelings of anger/sadness/frustration
    • Stage 3 – 12/13/14 – Lower high school: peer acceptance, peer pressure, creating self-respect, self-responsibility
    • Stage 4 – 15/16 – Upper high school: first job, time management, juggling conflicting priorities
    • Stage 5 – 17/18 – HSC: goal setting, fear of failure, clarity about the future

In today’s world, our own expectations can make us our own worst enemy. Sometimes you just need someone to support you as you navigate your own path to success, whatever that may look like for you.

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We are all different, so I use different techniques for different people

Just as a sports coach can’t run the big race for their athlete, a life coach can’t live your life for you. In both cases, the role of coach is there to support you to improve your performance. Both coaches take their experiences lived along with techniques learned, and empower you to find the answer. In order to find those answers, I use:

NLP Techniques - Be Your Truth

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP helps you get the best from your communications, your psychology and your behaviour. It’s a series of techniques that stop you from being stuck; either in the past with fears, hurts or stories, or in the future with worst case scenarios. It teaches you about yourself and the patterns you construct. When you know why you think the way you do, you can create positive changes through a shift in your mindset. NLP allows you to focus on the here and now, so you’re mindful of the present – which is where the power is.

Be Your Truth techniques - Coaching for Adults

Coaching for

Once you stop living in the past or trying to predict the future, you can clearly see the opportunities presenting themselves to you. With coaching, you become empowered, disciplined and focused. You set your long-term goals for success and achieve them by completing your short-term goals to build confidence and connection.

Coaching for Kids - Be Your Truth

Coaching for

Coaching children is very different to coaching adults. When working with children, I give them the tools and techniques they need to help them understand how their mind works. With this knowledge, we work together on building their self-confidence and self-esteem so they can follow through on their goals.

Be Your Truth techniques - Consulting Techniques


We take your goal and your plan and combine it with specific strategies modelled on successful people throughout the world. Why reinvent the wheel, when you can use somebody else’s design as the blueprint for your success?

Coaching is about improving performance and focusing on the ‘here and now’. It’s about unlocking your potential to your performance. You already know the answers to your problems. You just need some guidance to find them…and then the courage to act on them. My role as your coach, is to provide the support you need to do this.
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"Bianca is an extremely experienced professional who tailors her skill set to the experience I needed to achieve my specific outcomes. I’m grateful for Bianca’s support, guidance and invaluable follow through."

Bec Kirby

My boys absolutely love attending Bianca’s workshops. I love how they are learning skills not taught at school. Skills that are so valuable such as emotional intelligence, resilience, confidence and learning to understand themselves. At such a young age what a gift!!!!! Wish I had this as a kid

Lee-Anne Messenger

Bianca is awesome , her workshops are amazing. My daughter loved it.

Mark Morgan

My children, 7 and 9, have attended two of Bianca’s holiday workshops in Manly. They loved them and came back with many stories and insights about what they had learnt. I leveraged the information sheet Bianca handed out to the parents after the workshop to continue discussions about the topics discussed in the workshops. Thank you Bianca for the care and attention that went into presenting each workshop. We can't wait for the next workshops!

Caroline Boulanger

I attended the ‘Discover your truth workshop’ for women today. I am so glad I did. Bianca was an incredible facilitator and the women who shared the day with me were just beautiful. It’s not often you get to be surrounded by such authentic souls who have the courage to be vulnerable in front of strangers! Thanks Bianca, I got some gold today. Keep doing what you are doing. I think I’ll have to do it again and again!

Martina Bafoil

Bianca is a wonderful life coach and is especially amazing with children. I have started taking my son to her for regular sessions and he always enjoys going and comes out of them energised and with lots of ideas about how he wants to deal with things. I feel his sessions with Bianca are really helping him deal with teenage life now and are also laying an excellent foundation for later in life. Highly recommend Bianca!

Geraldene Dobson